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Digital Spyders Launches New Service to Consolidate and Lower Technology Costs Dramatically for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Digital Spyders, an internet-based company, has released a brand new service-based website that will focus on providing small and medium firms with all the technology services they require in a single relationship. The goal is to significantly reduce vendor creep and costs by providing an umbrella of technology services through an extensive partner network that businesses can utilize through a single point of contact.

The website will offer sign-up and quotation of multiple services, including telecommunications, collaboration, e-commerce, e-business, cybersecurity, internet access, mobile services, data backup, infrastructure, security, marketing, digital signage, content creation, and customized web solutions. Clients will be able to have a single sign-on portal where they can manage all their cloud services and receive professional support.

Digital Spyders partnership network and relationships with vendors saves clients money. For example, a small medical clinic client was able to save over 40% on their monthly telecommunication expenses and received brand-new VoIP phones when moving to the Hosted PBX solution Digital Spyders recommended.

"Before launching the new site I wanted to make sure Digital Spyders' solution matrix was overflowing so that we had every service a client could need,” said Brad Thompson, CEO, Digital Spyders. “We launched the site with hosted Microsoft Exchange as the first service and will be adding the rest over the coming weeks. Ultimately, we aim at becoming the affordable I.T. administrator for small business and to streamline that position in larger firms. As more companies move to the cloud, expensive on-premise based I.T. specialists are becoming less required. Digital Spyders can easily fill that role with cloud-based solutions to save them significant money they can re-invest.”

Digital Spyders has been operating completely cloud-based for over 11 of its 18 years and uses many of the solutions it recommends to clients. It has clients in the medical, retail, wholesale, and education sectors.

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