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Digital Spyders is an apolitical organization. We don't believe or think it intelligent for a corporation to adopt a political side, alienating clients of the opposite political spectrum. However, there are rare exceptions we're forced to take a position. Let's explore what these are.

Being an American company, we are wildly fortunate to be granted the freedoms and liberties found in the U.S. Constitution. It is this document that was created by the founders who experienced extreme persecution and oppression, to set a framework to protect freedoms and guarantee rights to all citizens.

The U.S. Constitution allowed America to grow and flourish, becoming the wealthiest and most powerful country faster than any other nation in history.

Through adopting a free-market capitalist system of economics, it allowed start-up and entrepreneurship culture to thrive. Businesses did not have the crushing weight of socialist/communist government dictating how to run their businesses and stealing a large portion of their profits. The result was rapid growth and prosperity that lifted so many out of poverty never seen before in history.

This environment allowed for extreme technological innovation also never seen before in history. It was freedom of thought and the un-obstructive nature of America that permitted inventors to chase after ambitious dreams that changed the world. From automobiles, planes, trains, mountain bikes, medical, computers, and the Internet, it has changed the world we live, mostly for the better.

As we travel down the road of time, it is horrifying to see universities today converting to the Church of Karl Marx, an unaccomplished bum that created an ideology based on destroying the individual for the greater good that places government as god and in control of every detail of life, business and economy. The burden of socialism destroys the middle class, impoverishes many, creates a real 1% ruling class, eradicates freedom, entrepreneurship, competition, and stifles innovation. This dangerous ideology killed millions of people over history and collapsed empires.

The valid question that results from this is, "Why would anyone in their right mind teach this dangerous ideology to students today in America?"

We don't have a definite answer.

It could be a multitude of reasons, from being lazy at studying history to lack of understanding global economics interconnectedness. Ultimately, at the nucleus of proponents of socialism, you find an envious and jealous motive that hates the nuclear family, others success and wants to take their stuff with the threat of force or imprisonment.

This year we witnessed an alarming amount of censorship by monopoly tech companies to stifle and deplatform individuals who held viewpoints not aligned with their corporate political bias. It wasn't that their content was breaking laws, it was a political attempt to shut up others from transmitting information what those corporations deemed as, "wrong-think."

In one case last September, a major alternative news organization that rivaled major established mainstream news networks were completely deplatformed in a coordinated effort by multiple left-leaning tech companies in Silicon Valley. Whether you agreed with the content produced by the organization or not, is irrelevant, it was the fact they were politically persecuted and silenced in America, having their free speech rights stifled.

Recently, a rapidly growing social media company focusing on free speech, was deplatformed and knocked offline by its technology providers and smeared by the mainstream media over a mass murderer having an account on their platform. However, Twitter and Facebook, which this monster also owned accounts, got free media passes.

The timing of this event gives a strong indication of coordinated interference in the upcoming midterm vote as Gab, a neutral technology, has a strong conservative base of users and refuses to capitulate for the mainstream media or any special political interests. If this is indeed true, then RICO laws have been violated, which is crazy and very un-American.

The actions of these large technology companies are how communist governments behave which is juvenile, ethically corrupt and outright frightening. They are not actions and values held by the majority of Americans. If permitted to continue unpunished, it would considerably compromise the Internet, stifle online innovation and competition.

We believe new laws and regulations should be created to protect individuals and organizations from online discrimination by large tech companies and become an integral part of the national security strategy. The Internet has matured into an essential part of commerce and communication, where impeded can have destructive consequences.

Digital Spyders has many partnerships, some with the companies described unfavorably in this post. We will be taking a hard look at our options in deciding a course of action. Some of these companies are monopolies that are hard to replace. We can't forget, that bad behavior of a company does not reflect the totality of all their employees, when blame could be a handful of people. For companies acting in violation of the U.S. Constitution, we will suspend our relationships, ad spend and promotions of their services by replacing them with close competitors that hold pro-American values.

Going to sleep with a clear conscience is priceless, as opposed to selling out your country for profit with delayed future enslavement under a brutal totalitarian government system.

Digital Spyders will always support freedom of speech, even if it's something that we completely disagree with because we're grown-ups.

If you're a company that has technology services with companies described in this article and wishes to migrate to a pro-U.S. provider, please contact us for assistance.


Brad Thompson
Digital Spyders

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