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Digital Spyders has formally dissolved its partnership with Google to resell and support Google's GSuite and other related cloud and advertising services.

 Google's recent conduct is inconsistent with the core values of Digital Spyders and the values of a free America.

To understand the risks a company such as Google poses, the documentary, "The Creepy Line," is a highly recommended watch.

Censorship biased algorithms against certain groups of individuals, blacklists, and deletion of user content and data, including private files stored on Google Drive, make it impossible to, in good faith, represent Google products and services.

Digital Spyders believes firmly a society remains free when speech is unrestricted and allowed to compete equally in the public square where the best ideas rise to the top, not manipulated by big tech corporations.

Digital Spyders has replaced GSuite with a new business productivity suite that provides better security and privacy and is easier to use and manage. 

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