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Digital Spyders is discontinuing the use of Twitter for any notification or advertising purposes effective as of January 18th, 2019.

The recent policy changes at Twitter during the last few months has degenerate the Twitter experience to a level that fails to meet Digital Spyders' acceptability guidelines for online communities and brand placement.

 Digital Spyders is a strong supporter of the United States Constitution and the freedoms it dictates, Twitter, unfortunately, is not.

It is the U.S. Constitution that set the framework for America to thrive and become a global superpower, delivering the highest quality of life and marketplace for its citizens in all of human history in record time.

With recent undercover reporters exposing highly unethical behavior from within Twitter, and highly questionable House Committee testimony from it's CEO Jack Dorsey, has degraded Twitter into a politically biased echo chamber that is destructive to free speech and ideas. These policies are discriminatory and are anti-American that mimic those of communism.

Uncovered infractions such as undeleted DMs after being deleted is a significant privacy violation. The de-platforming of individuals over certain political and religious viewpoints is an act of hate itself, which is hypocritical of Twitter's terms of use.

Digital Spyders will no longer be part of the Twitter quagmire by moving to other forms of promotion and communication technologies.

Clients will have the option of phone, email, tickets, and live chat to reach company personnel for assistance. These systems all fall under Digital Spyders' controls and policies for security and privacy.

With these actions, Digital Spyders stands against the totalitarian behavior of technology companies to curb this dangerous trend that has a real possibility of wiping away the gains of the last 150 years of progress.

Brad Thompson
Digital Spyders Inc.

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