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Digital Spyders has formally dissolved its partnership with Google to resell and support Google's GSuite and other related cloud and advertising services.

 Google's recent conduct is inconsistent with the core values of Digital Spyders and the values of a free America.

Digital Spyders is discontinuing the use of Twitter for any notification or advertising purposes effective as of January 18th, 2019.

The recent policy changes at Twitter during the last few months has degenerate the Twitter experience to a level that fails to meet Digital Spyders' acceptability guidelines for online communities and brand placement.

Digital Spyders is an apolitical organization. We don't believe or think it intelligent for a corporation to adopt a political side, alienating clients of the opposite political spectrum. However, there are rare exceptions we're forced to take a position. Let's explore what these are.


Small firms today are not equipped to manage the rapid pace which technology and business processes evolve. They bare significant pressure to keep current and maintain compliance, where core profit functions suffer. They lack funds to hire dedicated I.T. staff and pass the role to unqualified people in the company, often ending in costly disasters and downtime.

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