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The Mission

To provide a single relationship for professional technology solutions at affordable prices to business and government clients worldwide. Our focus is on simplicity, security, and redundancy.

Our Values

As we grow as a company, it becomes extremely important to define and be absolutely clear on the core values that affect our internal culture, operations, and customer relationships to produce harmony.

Our Solutions

Our goal is to bring as many high quality and affordable solutions as possible, simplifing your business. From corporate email, e-commerce, anti-fraud, security, VoIP, and more, we bring everything your company needs.

Why Do Business With Us?

We have over 18 years experience making clients happy. It's why we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our solutions.
Extensive Experience

Extensive Experience

Experience is learning from failure over time. We have 18 years of that.
Dedicated Relationship

Dedicated Relationships

We're very active with our clients and are always listening to match the right solutions to their needs.
Partnership Network

Partnership Network

Our large partnership network offers a wide range of solutions. Whether cloud or on premise base, we cover it all.


As businesses moves into the cloud, security is priority one. Digital Spyders only offers solutions that past strict protocols to ensure client data safety.


Digital Spyders solutions expand as your company grows. Start your business with enterprise technologies from day one and avoid future complicated migrations.


Digital Spyders only chooses solutions that are powerful that act as force multipliers to help businesses achieve their goals easily.

Company Core Values

Trust is built on honesty and transparency. Sometimes the truth is suboptimal, but required out of respect.
Nothing makes a relationship stronger than by delivering on promises. We hate incompetence as much as you.
Always look for new and innovative methods to make a process or service run smoother, faster, and more secure.
If you can't protect data, you don't have a company. Security must be the primary focus of any solution.
Anticipating situations before they happen is one of the best forms of defence against outages and attacks.
Teaching others about important concepts helps increase security and minimizes downtime.
Move services into the cloud to cut costs drastically, simplify administration, and future-proof systems.
Only use the best people and companies to get the job done right the first time with no mistakes.
Never be arrogant or proud, which goes before the fall. Always be thankful for all things.

Fun Stats

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Executive Bio

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Brad Thompson
Chief Executive Officer

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Brad has over 20 years of Internet technology experience in networking, e-commerce, e-business, e-marketing, design, programming, VoIP, email, cyber security, payment networks and anti-fraud technologies. Brad completed business college with a major in e-business and continues to expand his skills.

Through this wealth of knowledge Brad founded Digital Spyders to become a premiere provider of technology solutions and services for business.

Over the years Brad has built an elaborate network of partnerships and reseller authorizations through negotiations with the best companies. This allowed Brad to make Digital Spyders into a single point of contact (SPoC) for virtually any technology solution a business would require, under one simple intimate relationship.

In 2006-2007 Brad guided Digital Spyders to be a top online reseller for Acer and Sony computers sold through a highly customized e-commerce store he was directly involved with creating.

During the 2008-2010 economic crisis, online sales of computer electronics dried up. During this period, Brad took Digital Spyders virtual by moving all business systems into the cloud to cut overhead substantially.

Realizing the value proposition and power of cloud technologies, Brad pivoted Digital Spyders toward focusing on offering these same services to business clients. In 2011, to test the resiliency of the services, he traveled and lived on a tropical island in the South Pacific for a few months, which passed with flying colors.

Today, Brad is always testing and pushing new technologies to their limits to discover the next service Digital Spyders will offer clients. He is a regular attendee of the CES and Internet Retailer trade shows.

Digital Spyders has helped over 3,000+ clients with their hardware, software, and cloud solutions needs.

Brad searches for people with natural entrepreneurial abilities to join the team. His vision for Digital Spyders is to be a lifestyle company where the best people gather to render their skills to live to work, not work to live.

Brad volunteers at government Guest Advisor Programs for small business to provide valuable insights in starting a business and consults on the appropriate technologies new business owners should consider.

Brad firmly believes reading books is imperative for self development to be competitive in today’s markets.

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